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7 Myths of Workplace Giving

#1 - “Including Community Shares reduces funds going to United Way”

Both national research and local experience have shown that in most campaigns where other federations were introduced the amount given to United Way has increased.An expanded campaign breathes new life and excitement into the process, helping to motivate employees and increase involvement and participation.Having true choice in their charitable giving options increases employees' awareness of issues, stimulates thought, and engages them to participate.

#2 - “United Way provides for all charitable agencies in our community”

United Way regularly supports approximately 145 area health and human service nonprofit organizations. Altogether, there are over 2,000 nonprofit agencies in Cuyahoga County.

Community Shares' member nonprofits do not receive funding from United Way and would most likely not qualify for such funding due to their primary focus on social justice issues such as hatred, discrimination, employment, neighborhood development, and urban environmental issues, among others. United Way agencies focus on direct health and human services.

#3 - “Two campaigns are expensive and time consuming”

Including Community Shares in a workplace campaign is no more difficult or costly than having a single recipient for employee contributions, especially if Shares is presented side-by-side with United Way.

Community Shares has designed and can provide a single user-friendly pledge card. Additional support materials and training are provided as needed at no cost to the employer.

#4 - “United Way’s ‘Donor Choice’ enables employees to support agencies they choose to support”

Donor Choice is not a substitute for an expanded campaign because:

Only 1/2 of a donor gift can go to a non-United Way agency
Small donors are discouraged from giving to non-United Way agencies since the minimum gift is $100
Employees have no opportunity to learn about other options to give
It is easier and more efficient to give directly through Community Shares.

An expanded campaign educates employees, creates a greater awareness about the issues, and fosters involvement.

#5 - “Establishing a Community Shares workplace giving program means we endorse Community Shares agencies”

Including Community Shares in your workplace campaign empowers employees to make choices on their own. Employees can freely choose what issues and agencies they wish to support and providing an option does not imply an endorsement of any specific agency.

Providing a broader slate of issues and agencies enables people to select their areas of personal interest and concern, not those of the employer. A decision to exclude choice in workplace campaigns screens employees from alternative choices and implies that the employer endorses the status quo. Opening a campaign eliminates any implied endorsement.

#6 - “We are too big (too small) for a company for a workplace campaign”

Workplace campaigns are successfully conducted in companies of all sizes, big and small. Every contribution through workplace campaigns helps the community.

There are organizations like Community Shares in most states, so it shouldn’t be a problem to set up a regional or national campaign for the company.

No matter your size, experienced representatives from Community Shares can work with you to establish a campaign that meets your specific situation and objectives.

#7 - “Our employees don’t use the services of Community Shares agencies”

Community Shares agencies work throughout Cleveland and Cuyahoga County on issues that touch everyone's lives.

The strength and health of individuals is complemented by the strength and health of our society and the communities in which we live.

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